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Straight Shank Sweep

The Goertzen Straight Shank Sweep is the finest cultivator sweep on the market! It will give you many years of quality service. It works because the replaceable chrome point aids in the penetration and increases the suction of the sweep. The narrow center plate allows the soil to flow around it and over the blades without slabbing. The pitch of the hardened steel blades lift the soil while cutting weed roots and moves some soil around the crop base.

Chisel Shank Sweep

The Goertzen Chisel Sweep is the only sweep of its kind! It is unique because of its slab breaking point and replaceable hardened blades. This chisel sweep stops the slabbing and increases the penetration in tough soil. Another great feature of this chisel sweep is that you can use the Goertzen Ridging Wings or the wings that come with your cultivator.

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